Dear Minister of justice, Supreme court, Supreme public prosecutors office, Tokyo high court,Tokyo high public prosecutors office.

The request for the signatures to demand the death penalty against the accused,
Japanese 47-years-old man, Yasumsa Shibuya.
On 23rd March, 2017, in Matsudo City, Chiba, Japan, Shibuya Yasumasa committed an inhuman crime.
Taking advantage of being the leader of parent association and a member of Chiba association protection of
child’s rights, he kidnapped, assaulted sexually and murdered Nhat Linh in only a short time then mercilessly
threw her body. He did those savage actions to the one he once protected. After committing this crime,
Shibuya Yasumasa felt no regret about what he had done, he even still stored his criminal tools and took part
in child protection activities to repeat his sin to other children. Shibuya Yasumasa was arrested on 14th April,
2017. On 6th July, 2017, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. However, he showed no repentance and
contumaciously denied his crime. He did commit a sin that even God cannot forgive. Time will never erase our
profound hatred for his crime. Shibuya Yasumasa can not be re-educated. Being sentenced to life
imprisonment, he will be released oneday and repeat his crime to other children. Any country should strictly punish inhuman
criminals like Shibuya Yasumasa. We must prevent the same kind tragedy from happening not only in Japan but also in the world,
so that we would seek for the death penalty against the accused Yasumasa Shibuya.
If you would like to co-operate with us, please sign the below.
Sincerely thanks

If you agree with our mind, please sign and send this document to the address below due Jun 26
th 2019.
● Signature should be autograph, and the address should be complete including the block number. (the address can be verified)
●We are going to submit all the signatures to Tokyo high public prosecutors office.
●To protect the personal information, this document won’t be used for other purpose.
●Contact:Name : LE ANH HAO ; Address:  post code 270-2204 CHIBA-KEN MATSUDO-SHI MUTSUMI 5 – 15 – 6
(Email) ; (Website): ; (facebook):

Completed 104 template required death penalty shibuya yasumasa. Each template is a separate language, including Vietnamese, Japanese, English have been edited. The other languages still need grammar editing, I hope you all over the world who can correct grammar properly please help me. And the whole world takes action by doing so that no other child will suffer as my own. Please sign one of the following versions: If possible sign in Japanese or English. How to sign: print the pdf file of your language version, then write the name and address, sign in line on the paper, each line is a signer. Each person only signed once in a single version. Hope everyone cooperate, honest one do not sign many times.Each line is a sign of 1 person. One sheet of paper signed by many people. After collecting the signature, please send it to the address below the form. (● Contact: Name: LE ANH HAO; Address: 〒270 ー 2204 CHIBA-KEN MATSUDO-SHI MUTSUMI 5-15-6) japan.

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